Openbank and Productores de Sonrisas team up for Ukrainian refugees


Openbank, the 100% digital bank of the Santander Group, took part in the Productores de Sonrisas-produced Clowns this Sunday, 8 May, in ‘El Solaruco’, the temporary residence for Ukrainian refugees at Santander Group City in Boadilla del Monte.

The charity benefit hosted Clowns, a show where the audience discovered the true essence of the clown as a circus character, geared towards poetry and frenzied belly laughs. The cast included Isabel López, Luigi González, Simon Housch Ma-Housch, considered one the world's best clowns, and handbalancing Polish artist Klaudia Ciupak.

There was a total of 600 refugees in attendance from various NGOs and foundations with which the bank and the production company collaborate and which are currently providing healthcare and humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian people, including Red Cross, CEAR, Cesal, Rescate, ACCEM, as well as the Boadilla del Monte Town Hall.

Pablo Solís, CFO of Openbank, said: “Our priority is to continue supporting all the families that have been impacted by the conflict in Ukraine. Thanks to the collaboration of Openbank, Banco Santander and Productores de Sonrisas, we have been able to put on a show full of magic and humour to help them disconnect from this terrible situation that I hope comes to an end soon”.

This charity benefit joins a series of actions and products that the bank has launched for Ukrainian refugees, including the basic payment account in any country where the bank operations, zero-interest loans or fee-free transfers to Ukraine.


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