Our customers donate 16% more to charity


Customers at Openbank, Grupo Santander’s fully digital bank, donated four million euros to charitable causes in 2021. This contribution, which is up by 16% on the total reached the previous year, was made possible thanks to the commitment to different initiatives promoted by the 46 NGOs that the bank collaborates with through its charity marketplace.

Since the initiative began, the bank has managed to raise 13 million euros, increasing the number of users linked to these causes year after year. In 2021 alone, there was a 17% growth in the number of charity customers who supported the four major causes backed by the bank: disease research, support for children, the fight against poverty and for integration, and support to conflict-affected regions. They are all part of the charity marketplace that the bank created in 2018, a project present in the European countries where it operates (Spain, Portugal, Germany and the Netherlands).

It allows any customer who wants to support these associations to join the cause in a simple and secure way by making donations via bank transfer or by paying with the solidarity debit card, which rounds up the amount of any purchases to the nearest euro.

Over the next few months, the bank will continue to add new NGOs and causes and will carry out specific campaigns on important dates, such as World Cancer Awareness Month or Solidarity Month. At the same time, Openbank continues year after year to support the different projects run by the Spanish Association of Children with Liver Diseases and Liver Transplants (HePA), and the Duchenne Parent Project España association, which fights Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophy.

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