Openbank & Ironhack launch scholarship programme to train women in coding


Openbank, the 100% digital bank of Grupo Santander, and Ironhack, the Spanish ‘bootcamp’ multinational, are launching their Opencamp Powered by Ironhack scholarship programme. This is the first course offered jointly by the bank and the school to facilitate access to web programming studies and boost the presence of women in the bank’s various technology teams in Madrid, Valencia and Bilbao.

With this initiative, Openbank will allocate €150,000 to train women with technology skills by granting twenty scholarships valued at €7,500 each. Following a selection process, the participants will complete a 9-week online web programming course in Java, one of the most in-demand technologies today and a fundamental component in many of the bank’s ongoing projects.

Available to those aged 18 and over, the programme is structured into an initial 60-hour course that will allow candidates to grasp the fundamentals of coding, tools, technologies and practices used in business environments, and the Bootcamp itself, which is structured into ten units of 380 hours that the students will study in English. During the various modules, the participants will learn to build end-to-end robust applications using Java: from managing databases to building complex servers and component-based interfaces, all of which is perfected through Test-Driven Development.

To take part in this course, future students must, by the end of January, register in a landing page created exclusively for the bootcamp that will be available on the Openbank website. During that period, entrance tests will be conducted (technical tests, soft-skills and English). After completing an initial selection process, the twenty final candidates will begin the course in April, studying nine weeks of intensive training in Java, adapted to the specific environment of Openbank. After this last phase, the candidates will undertake a selection process at Openbank and, if successful, they will join the bank’s team at the start of June.

About Ironhack

Ironhack was founded in Madrid in 2013 with a view to disrupt and make technology universally accessible. It is currently in the top 3 of the main bootcamp rankings worldwide. The centre has teachers with wide experience, who master more than 6 languages, and have trained more than 10,000 students, assisting global organisations attract and nurture tech talent. Ironhack currently has training campuses in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Madrid, Mexico, Miami, Paris and Sao Paulo.

About OpenBank

Openbank is the 100% digital bank of Grupo Santander with more than 1.6 million customers in Spain, Germany, the Netherlands and Portugal and €11 billion in deposits. The bank offers a wide range of products, from loans and mortgages to a fully automated digital investment platform that customers can sign up to 24 hours a day, seven days a week via the website or app. It has managed to hold on to its position as the most highly recommended Spanish bank among its customers thanks to its simplicity, agility and security. At present, the bank is immersed in its internationalisation plan and is finalising its entry into the Argentinian market.

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