Openbank expands its lists of thematic funds linked to global trends


Openbank, the 100% digital bank of the Santander Group, has added three new lists of thematic funds to the Openbank Wealth investment platform. All these funds are aligned with the megatrends that boost the current global economy.

These new additions help the bank to expand its range of fund lists in line with different trends (energy transition, commodities, index funds, China, technology, value investing, IG corporate fixed income, inflation-linked bonds and impact funds), enabling customers to have a more diversified portfolio based on current global trends. In each list, Openbank offers six of the best funds from the leading global asset managers, selected using objective three-year risk and return criteria.

The addition of these new funds increases the investment options of customers in trends that the Openbank Investment Committee deem to be positive. This is the case for IG corporate fixed-income, which is a high credit-quality investment with attractive ratings. These thematic funds are highly valued by customers and are set to expand in the future.

Openbank currently gives 1% extra (up to €1,000) on new subscriptions, additional contributions, initial transfers or changes of fund distributor to any of the investment funds that it currently markets (over 3,000 funds from more than 130 asset managers in which as little as €1 can be invested). The promotion applies to all amounts over €500 allocated to these products and will be valid until 30 September (with the possibility of meeting the terms and conditions until 31 October). The payment will be reflected in the corresponding current account during the second half of November, provided the balance is maintained for at least 12 months.

new thematic fund lists

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