Introducing Nota al pie, our reading club in collaboration with Vanity Fair


Openbank, Grupo Santander’s 100% digital bank is launching Nota al pie, its new reading club in collaboration with Vanity Fair magazine. This is a joint initiative between the bank and the publishing group Condé Nast which aims to promote reading and raise the visibility of contemporary authors.

Every month, readers will receive five book recommendations with different themes and genres. They will also be able to access the writers’ biographies and links of interest, as well as exclusive content such as discussions with the authors. All of this will take place through a microsite that will be hosted on the Vanity Fair website, where users can subscribe to a newsletter to receive all the club’s news and latest initiatives.

Of the recommended reads, one main book will be covered in a podcast, which will include interviews with the authors and public figures linked to the books selected. The rest of the recommendations, which will focus on female travellers during the month of December, will also be discussed in an additional podcast where any observations and interesting facts can be shared. They will all be hosted by the journalist Marta Fernández.

The works in this first session include Sira, by María Dueñas, published last April and the sequel to the much-acclaimed novel The Time in Between. The rest of the books proposed for the month of December will include: A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf, Educated by Tara Westover, Hazards of Time Travel by Joyce Carol Oates and Colgando de un hilo by Dorothy Parker.

Alberto Moreno, Head of Editorial Content at Vanity Fair, said: “The Vanity Fair Reading Club in collaboration with Openbank is based on a desire by both brands to encourage a love for reading among their followers and customers. Beyond the natural obligations of a magazine or a bank, the ultimate goal of this synergy is the love of art reflected in the image of a person with a book in their hands. Such a snapshot would be our goal and the embodiment of our success”.

Ezequiel Szafir, CEO of Openbank, said: “It is exciting to build a community with different profiles where we can offer a new space for conversation, where readers can share interests and express different points of view. This type of initiative underpins Openbank’s commitment to culture”.

A card with exclusive discounts for readers

The new reading club goes hand in hand with the launch of a credit card designed especially for readers, whether or not they are Openbank customers. The most noteworthy benefits include exclusive discounts in physical and online stores such as the Condé Nast website (10% for printed magazines and 45% for those online), Casa del Libro (5%), as well as platforms such as Storytel, Podimo, and Kobo.

Additionally, the product allows for five cash withdrawals a month at ATMs around the world and offers three services: Card Control, for customers to select the channels or devices their cards can be used on; Password Manager Databank, to save passwords and information; and an Expense Categorisation Tool.

This innovative card, the result of the collaboration between Openbank and Idemia, the world’s leader in augmented reality, reflects the bank’s commitment to sustainability, transparency, and the environment. And because it is made of 100% recycled polyvinyl chloride (PVC) coming from plastic waste that can be recycled again, the re-use of plastics is thus assured. By the same token, it is free of contaminating materials thanks to the use of water-based inks and its production reduces CO2 emissions by seven grams, the equivalent of its manufacturing.

About OpenBank

Openbank is Grupo Santander’s 100% digital bank with more than 1.6 million customers in Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, and Portugal and €11 billion in deposits. The bank offers a wide range of products, from loans and mortgages to a fully automated digital investment platform that customers can sign up to 24 hours a day, seven days a week via the website or app. It has managed to hold on to its position as the most highly recommended Spanish bank among its customers thanks to its simplicity, agility, and security. At present, the bank is immersed in its internationalisation plan and is finalising its entry into the Argentinian market.

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