Openbank launches a solidarity card that makes donations to NGOs every time it’s used


Openbank, Santander Group's 100% digital bank, launches its Open Solidarity program. Customers will be able to actively help the NGOs they choose, using a new debit card, which is completely free of charges and fees. They can choose from ten possible NGOs.

Each time the customer pays with it, the amount will be rounded up to the next whole euro. So, if you make a payment of 10.40 euros, the remaining 0.60 euro cents up to 11 euros will be donated to the NGO chosen by the customer.

Each user can set and modify at any time the minimum and maximum they wish to donate every month. Their contributions are eligible for the corresponding tax deductions.

Openbank currently collaborates with the following NGOs: UNHCR, Acción Contra el Hambre, Cris Contra el Cáncer, Cruz Roja, Deporte y Desafío, Duchenne, Entreculturas, HePA, Fundación Vicente Ferrer, Fundación Theodora and Save the Children. Customers can view a brief description of each NGO and choose the ones they want during the card application process. Openbank will consider including new organisations in the future.

In addition to this card, Openbank is also launching a solidarity transfer service which customers can use to make a one-off or monthly contribution to one of these ten NGOs. As with the card, they can benefit from the corresponding tax deductions.

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