Openbank incorporates sustainable funds into its automated investment strategies (Roboadvisor)


Openbank, Grupo Santander’s fully on-line banking service, incorporates and prioritises sustainable investment funds in its various automated investment strategies (Roboadvisor). The bank is firmly committed to sustainable investment products that serve the interests of society and the planet, always looking to secure strong returns for the customer as its top priority.

In the five automated investment strategies available, tailored to the different risk profiles of each investor, funds based on environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria account for more than 40% of all portfolios. In the most conservative profile, these products can account for up to 79% of the total portfolio.

Gonzalo Pradas, director of investment and wealth at Openbank, said: "We believe that sustainable investment products are the future of the industry and they are strongly valued by our customers. Here at Openbank, we stay ahead of the game and strive to secure strong returns for our customers, prioritising the inclusion of funds based on these criteria in our automated investment strategies".

At the end of November, the cumulative returns generated by the various investment strategies were positive, with gains in excess of 24% in the case of the most dynamic profile and 5% in the most conservative profile. These results have been achieved with very moderate annualised volatility in the various cases (below 10% in the most dynamic profile, for example).

We invest for you is Openbank’s automated investment service that adapts to the profile of each client and any changes in the market. It takes just five minutes to complete the information required to define an investor profile and select the most appropriate strategies for each client. Openbank’s Investment Committee periodically monitors and adjusts the strategies, advised by BlackRock, the biggest investment firm in the world, with the support of Santander Asset Management, which offers extensive experience and presence in Europe and Latin America.

€600 cashback offer for new customers
Until 31 December, Openbank is also offering up to 600 euros in cashback, depending on the investment made, to customers who sign up for its We invest for you automated investment service. To take advantage of this promotion, customers have to make a minimum investment of 5,000 euros and register via the bank’s website entering the code INVERTIMOSPORTI.

To qualify for the cashback, customers must keep their investment in place for at least twelve months from the date the cashback is credited to them. This cashback is classed as a monetary capital gain, subject to the corresponding tax payment on account.

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