Madrid, Paris and Seville, the most romantic cities on Valentine’s Day for Openbank Customers


Openbank, the 100% digital bank belonging to the Santander Group, through its Data Science department, has successfully discovered some clues about where its customers generally celebrate Valentine’s Day. Thus, on 14 February last year, Madrid, Paris and Seville were the cities where Openbank customers tended to shop in stores with a more romantic theme (florists, sweet shops, hotels, perfume shops, shows, among other places).

Combining data science with the definition of romance is not a 100% accurate task, but we can deduce that the top 10 of these places is headed by the two European capitals, followed by Seville, Barcelona, San Sebastian and Granada. In the list of the top ten cities with the highest volume of purchases in this type of establishment (in proportion with total spending in all categories), the Madrid town of Aranjuez also features, followed by London, Toledo and Palma de Mallorca.

But many believe that love is not just a one day thing. If the data is extended throughout all of 2019 and not just on Valentine’s Day, Barcelona was the city where Openbank customers significantly stood out for their ‘romantic’ purchases over the past year. In the top 10 of these cities, there are also places that few could imagine, such as Dublin, Peñíscola, Berlin or Benasque. Madrid features in fifth position and the municipalities of Denia and Benasque close the list.

In addition, amongst these purchases, the relative parity in terms of gender is highlighted, as 60% of them were made by men and 40% by women.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Openbank offers its customers a five euro discount on orders they make with Deliveroo (minimum €25 order). To sign up for the campaign, you need to enter code VALENTINE20 through the website’s promotional space and our app.

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