Openbank celebrates International Women’s Day with a commitment to equality



From left to right: Leticia Pacho, Head of Human Resources; Eva Yebra, Chief Compliance Officer; Patricia Benito, Chief Digital and Business Officer, y Marina Monasterio, Chief Legal Officer

Openbank is committed to gender equality and a working world where women have their own voice, a strong presence, and where equal opportunities and conditions exist for both genders. Openbank can demonstrate this commitment with data:

  • 54% of the management team are women.
  • 62% of the workforce are women.
  • 46% of the managers hired in the last year are women. -
  • In the selection process, there are the same number of male and female candidates.

These figures are compounded by a model that favours integration and creates a diverse and pleasant work environment that enables employees to balance their personal and professional lives.

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