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PSD2: Online shopping


A new and more secure way to shop online


What is the PSD2 Directive?

European Payment Services Directive (EU) 2015/2366, known as PSD2, includes several security measures affecting banks, merchants and consumers. Measures include improvements to offer consumers greater protection when making purchases online.

Below, we’ll show you how to change the way you verify your online purchases with your Openbank cards.

An extra step in your online shopping experience

As of November, you can verify your online purchases in a new way.

From now on, you will have to enter your 3D Secure Code during the payment process. It's simple:

  1. As usual, proceed to pay with your card from the website or app where you are making the purchase.
  2. Enter the confirmation code you usually receive by SMS, together with, (here’s what’s new) your 3D Secure Code, which is made up of 4 digits. For example: if the SMS confirmation code is 4ABC and your 3D Secure Code es 1357, you'll have to enter: 4ABC1357.
  3. Purchase made!

3D Secure Code

It is made up of 4 digits and can be found in the “Security and passcodes” section of your Customer Area on the website and app (don't forget to download the latest version).

If you prefer, you can change it at any time for another 4-digit combination of your choice.

Do you have to use the 3D Secure Code for your online purchases?

The change will be gradual, so you may be asked for this new code for certain online purchases from November.

Plus, if you have a smartphone with Face or Touch ID, you won't have to enter the 3D Secure Code if you set it up as your trusted device!


If you have a mobile that can identify you with your fingerprint or through facial recognition, you can confirm that you are the card holder with the same level of security. The mobile phone that you use regularly is called the “trusted device”.

Trusted device

It's the device you use regularly that is saved as yours, so we can trust it.

How do you save a phone as a “trusted device"?

When you log in to the Openbank app (remember to keep the app always updated), you will receive a message asking whether you can trust this device. All you need to do is tap “Save” and follow the steps.

What about in-store purchases?

This new security measure only affects your online purchases, so the process to make in-store purchases will remain the same.

Which online retailers does it affect?

We update our security according to the PSD2 Directive, so you will only need to complete these new steps if you shop at certain online retailers within the European Union. However, on occasions, you will be able to shop online with no need to use the 3D Secure Code or a trusted device. Plus, this Directive does not apply to online purchases made outside the European Union.