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No fees for arrangement, partial prepayment, subrogration or for changing conditions​. Full prepayment fees apply**.

*Pre-approval will be issued on the presumption that the information provided to date is accurate and will be subject to the subsequent performance of a comprehensive risk analysis by the Openbank risk department, once the necessary information and supporting documentation has been obtained. Pre-approval is indicative and under no circumstances constitutes a binding offer or a confirmation that the mortgage loan has been granted. Accordingly, Openbank shall not be liable for the final refusal of the mortgage loan or the fact that the terms of a potential subsequent binding offer differ from those described according to market conditions or having obtained additional information about their preferences and financial conditions; therefore, the applicant or any other recipient must take all necessary precautions before using the data contained in the pre-approval letter, which they use at their own risk.

**Applicable fee for full prepayment:0.25% of the principal repaid early, when it is a full prepayment made during the first three years of the mortgage term. However, this fee will not be charged if the early repayment (full) is made between the deed execution date and 31 December 2024. After that date, you must pay Openbank the percentage indicated here, if applicable, and in accordance with the terms and conditions of your mortgage loan deed. The amount charged for full prepayment will not exceed financial loss.

The financial loss suffered by OPENBANK, if any, shall be calculated, in proportion with the reimbursed capital, by a negative difference between the outstanding capital at the time of the early redemption and the present market value of the loan.The present market value will be calculated as the sum of the current value of the outstanding fees up to the next interest rate review and the current value of the outstanding capital at the time of the review had it not been cancelled early. The update interest rate will be the market rate that applies to the remaining time period until the next review. The applicable index for calculating market value will be the Interest Rate Swap (IRS) at 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, and 30 year periods that will be published by the Bank of Spain and which a spread will be added. This spread will be fixed as the existing difference, at the time the transaction is signed, between the transaction interest rate and the IRS at the next closest instalment to that time, until the next interest rate review date or until its maturity date.

The reference interest rate of the above that is closest to the outstanding period of the loan term from the early termination until the next interest rate review date or until its maturity date shall be applied.

If you decide to pay the loan off early, please contact us in order to determine the exact level of compensation at that time.