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Openbanking® Financial Aggregator

Connect your banks at Openbank

All your finances in one place, at a glance and by categories

  • All your accounts connected in a secure environment.
  • Your balances and transactions permanently updated.
  • Your expenses classified by category.


agregador de otros bancos

All your accounts connected in a secure environment

The data of your other banks remains protected with the guaranteed security you have with Openbank.

Your information is always safe. We'll never share your data from other entities with third parties.

Your balances and transactions at a glance

You can view the overall position of all your accounts, with a menu sorted by products that you can customize.

Every time you connect to the Openbank website or app you have balances and transactions updated in real time.

Organize your expenses by category

Your expenses are sorted into categories to help you manage them: restaurants, leisure and travel, commerce and shops, etc.

You have very simple charts that help you locate the most recurring expenses and compare them to the previous month or year.

Frequently asked questions about the Openbanking® Financial Aggregator

  • By adding your other banks to Openbank, you can view all your financial products in one place.  

  • Plus, you have the peace of mind of hosting your accounts in a secure environment, which guarantees you the most advanced banking security measures.

  • Your balances and transaction at a glance and in real time, with updates every time you connect to Openbank.

  • Your expenses have categories to help you manage them.

It takes no time at all to add other banks; in a few seconds you can see your other banks in the Openbank Account Overview. Simply click on the “Add bank” button, select the bank you wish to add and enter your username and the entity's access codes.

Remember that we comply with European Data Protection regulations, so we will never share your data from other financial entities with third parties.

You can see all your balances updated instantly, as well as any new transactions you have made since the date you added your other banks.

In the settings section you can also decide which banks and products you want to see in your Account Overview. You can delete them or choose not to display them temporarily.

For the time being, you can only add accounts and cards from banks operating in Spain.

If you change the passcodes of your other banks, we will not be able to connect to them, so your account overview will not be up-to-date.

You can update the passcode of any of your added banks from the “Settings” section of your Account Overview and click “Update Credentials”.

No, you can only change the passcode for your other banks using the platforms provided by each bank.