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What does it do?

  • ANIDAN is an NGO that provides shelter and care to orphans and abandoned children.
  • This shelter programme offers them food, healthcare, clothing, and education, paving the way towards a decent life in the long term.
  • They also run support programmes for the neighbouring population who have been hit hard by the drought and conflicts afflicting this part of Africa.

Where does it work?

  • It carries out its activity in Kenya, Africa.

Other relevant information:

  • In 2007, in partnership with the Pablo Horstmann Foundation, they founded a paediatric hospital to provide healthcare to children at the shelter as well as outpatients.
  • They provide food to households in extreme poverty and ensure drinking water reaches refugee settlements.
  • They also work with the Manda Maweni school, providing nutritional meals to children and paying the salary of a teacher.

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