Card Control

Card Control

Cards that you control

Can’t find your card? Then turn it off temporarily. With Card Control, you can turn your cards on and off, restrict their use by location and transaction type, and permanently block them. Only you control your cards!

Going on a trip?

You can turn your cards on and off by country or continent to avoid unwanted surprises on your travels abroad.

Don’t forget that if you turn your cards off by location, you won’t be able to use them for purchases or ATM cash withdrawals.

Purchases and ATMs

You can turn your cards on and off by transaction type. For example, turn them on for in-store purchases and off for online purchases.

Always pay by card? Then restrict ATM cash withdrawals.

Turn your cards off temporarily

We’ve all cancelled a lost card, only for it to turn up a day or two later. With Openbank, you can temporarily turn your “lost” cards off and turn them back on when they reappear.

You can change the security settings of your cards as often as you want. After all, they are your cards and how you use them is up to you.

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