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Find out all you can do with your Openbank cards

Card Control

Gain more control over your cards by turning them off and on temporarily whenever you want.

You can choose what countries you want to use them in, and restrict their use in ATMs, shops or online purchases.


Pago movil

With your cards you can pay with any mobile phone, no matter what model you have, with your smartwatch and with your sports bracelets. We have the main mobile payment platforms: Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Openbank Mobile Payment, Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay.

Aplaza tu compras

Choose the payment you want to defer and how many months to finance it.

In just two steps, from either the web or the app.


cajeros gratis

Take out money with your debit card for free at over 7,500 Banco Santander and Popular ATMs in Spain.

You can also pay in money without charge at more than 1,800 new Banco Santander ATMs.

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