Я42 Travel Card

2 in 1: for day-to-day banking with travel benefits by flexible subscription

Tarjeta Viajera
Apply for and use it free of charge (0% APR1 and annual NIR)
No need to switch banks
Pay at your own pace
Finance your purchases or payments of €30 or more over 1 month interest-free (0% APR6, 0% annual NIR) or split the payment into instalments over 2 to 36 months (14.93% APR7 14% annual NIR).
Flexible subscription travel benefits
Flexible subscription travel benefits
Turn on the benefits when heading abroad for €4.99/month and turn them off whenever you want
Benefits ON, fees OFF
Benefits ON, fees OFF
Turn on the benefits and get 5 free cash withdrawals from any ATM worldwide, plus fee-free purchases in any currency2
Stay with your current bank
No ties!
  • All you need to do is link your Я42 Travel Card to an account you hold at your current bank.
  • Take advantage of Openbank benefits with no need to switch banks.
  • With maximum security: change your card's security settings with Card Control and save your passwords and other important information with our Password Manager Databank ... plus a whole lot more.
Travel benefits for just €4.99/month
They work just like a subscription: turn them on, enjoy them and turn them off whenever you want so as not to be charged the following month. All these benefits really do take off when you do:Find out more
Choose a card that suits your lifestyle
The Я42 Travel Card, or the Openbank Reading Club Card by Vanity Fair - the choice is yours!Find out more

For book lovers

The Openbank Reading Club Card by Vanity Fair is perfect for those who love reading and travelling, and it comes with a book journal.

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Bear in mind that card approval is subject to a risk analysis.

1 0% annual NIR; 0% APR. Representative example of €1,500 drawn with lump sum payment at the end of the month: 0% NIR; 0% APR; Total amount borrowed: €1,500. Total amount owed: €1,500. Total cost of credit: €0. Issue and renewal fee: €0. French amortisation schedule. APR may vary depending on your selected payment method: financed payment in fixed or variable instalments (revolving option) or financed purchases of at least €30 over 2 to 36 months. See the pre-contractual information document below for terms and conditions for other repayment methods.

2 Visa may apply a margin to the European Central Bank reference rate.

3 Bear in mind that card approval is subject to a risk analysis.

4 You must activate the NFC feature to use this service on an Android device.

5 Insurance arranged with Zurich Insurance PLC, Sucursal en España.

6 Representative example for a purchase of €200 made with the Я42 Travel Card or the Openbank Reading Club Card by Vanity Fair and settled one month later: annual NIR: 0%; APR: 0%. Monthly repayment: €200. Total amount owed: €200. Total amount borrowed: €200. Total interests: €0. French amortisation schedule.

7 Representative example for a financed purchase of €200 made on 1st of the month, with the regular payment option and 3 fixed monthly instalments, on the assumption that there are no further drawdowns during that period or any breach of the terms and conditions of the agreement: 14.00% annual NIR; 14.93% APR; 2 instalments of €68.23 and a final instalment of €68.22. Total amount borrowed: €200. Total amount owed: €204.68. Total cost of credit: €4.68. The APR and the total amount to be paid are calculated on the assumption that the agreement will remain in force for the entire term and that the parties will meet their obligations under the agreed terms and conditions and repayment deadlines. French amortization schedule. Therefore, for this specific example, the cash purchase price would be €200 and the total amount to be repaid in instalments would be €204.68.