What does it do?

  • It works to ensure that thousands of children and young people have the right to education.
  • Its objective is to provide universal access to education in order to offer these children alternatives for the future.
  • According to Entreculturas, education makes the world a better place.

What countries does it work in?

  • It currently works in 41 countries, including Spain, and has a strong presence in South America, Central America and Africa.
  • It is present in 28 delegations in Spain that promote initiatives to teach the values of global citizenship with schools and events with volunteers.

Other information of interest

  • Assessments are carried out by external staff for the sake of objectivity and to ensure that methodologies and techniques are valid.
  • It is recognised by the Government as an NGO specialised in education, and its transparency has been approved by Fundación Lealtad, CAF and CONGDE.

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