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Pablo Horstmann Foundation



What does it do?

  • The Pablo Horstmann Foundation offers quality healthcare to children and women and fights malnutrition in children.
  • It educates vulnerable boys and girls and takes them into its Meki orphanage to prevent them from being abandoned.
  • Through its projects it reaches out to more than 50,000 children in Kenya and Ethiopia each year.

Which countries does it operate in?

  • It operates in the African regions of Turkana, Lamu (Kenya) and Meki (Ethiopia).

Other interesting information:

  • As part of its mission, it seeks to provide dignified healthcare, provide a home to orphans, fight child malnutrition, educate children and promote volunteering.
  • The Pablo Horstmann Foundation has received the UNICEF Transformation Award 2019 for improving maternal-child health, reducing child mortality and promoting access to women’s healthcare during pregnancy and postpartum.

Pablo Horstmann Foundation

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