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Energy transition

These funds invest in companies involved in the energy transition, a growing sector that is essential for a sustainable future.

Materias primas

These funds invest in assets offering diversified sources of return and risk in your portfolio.

Index funds
Fondos indexados

These funds replicate the performance of an index, e.g., the Spanish stock market (IBEX 35) or the main European index (EuroStoxx 50).


Funds that invest in the Chinese market, leveraging new long-term growth opportunities.

IG Corporate Bonds
Renta Fija Corporativa IG

Fixed-income funds invest in bonds issued by creditworthy companies that offer a high guarantee of payment and a low level of risk for investors.

Value Investing
Value Investing

These funds, following the value philosophy, invest in companies whose real value is higher than their current market value.

Inflation-linked bonds
Bonos ligados a la inflación

Funds that invest in products where the return is indexed to inflation rates, protecting investors against the loss of purchasing power.


Funds that invest in the tech sector or in companies that cultivate digitisation, innovation, AI or disruption, among others. ​


Funds that invest in water, mainly in stocks related to infrastructure, machinery, utilities or access to water.

If you're looking for new investment opportunities, check out these examples of new megatrends in line with global developments.
We have handpicked the funds that have had the best risk-return ratio in the medium and long term (3 years).2


Any investment carries some level of risk, including the lack of return and/or loss of principal invested, as well as the exchange-rate risk for non-euro-denominated investment funds.

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The level of risk and information for each of the investment funds marketed by Open Bank, S.A., are set out in the prospectus or Key Investor Information Document (KIID) for each one of the investment funds, available at and


1 Minimum investment of €500. The investment made in the Investment Funds must be held for at least 1 year, from 31 October 2022, both in funds purchased or subscribed to during the campaign and in already existing funds. Receipt of the incentive constitutes taxable investment income in cash, at the current rate of 19%, which will be applied by the Bank in accordance with the applicable tax regulations. This tax withholding will not be passed on to the customer. The customer must declare the incentive received in the savings tax base of their income tax (IRPF) return, plus the withholding not passed on. The customer is entitled to the deduction of said withholding.

2 The aim of the fund lists provided by Openbank is to give examples of the thematic funds that have performed best regarding risk and return over a medium to long-term horizon (3 years) and not just those with the highest returns. As such, the criteria followed to create these lists are exclusively quantitative and free of qualitative bias, except for the theme itself. Openbank does not distribute these products through a consultancy service. Therefore, when investing in the funds, neither the financial situation, nor investment goals, nor the personal requirements of any investor has been taken into consideration. In this regard, the investment funds presented are not personalised recommendations and they do not entail a contractual or advisory element, a customised invitation to the subscription, purchase or sale of financial instruments or to undertake any transaction. Therefore, Openbank is explicitly exempt from any liability that may arise relating to the chosen product. The investment, where applicable, should be made based on the legal documentation of each product and it should be read before any investment decision is made. This documentation is available on the information page of each fund at and The source of the return to date and the 5-year return is Refinitiv; for 2021 return, Morningstar. In any case, the return shown is net of fees and as at 11 May 2022.

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