Openbank Mobile Payment

Enjoy your digital wallet with the Openbank app on your Android mobile

On the app you'll find the Mobile Payment option, which allows you to use your Openbank cards with no need to physically carry them around. Only available for Android devices.


Set it up in less than a minute:

  • Go to the Cards section and tap the icon on the top right.
  • Select "Set up Mobile Payment".
  • Select the card you want to use with this service.

Paying really is that simple!


Activate the NFC feature on your mobile.


Unlock your phone.


Pay by holding your mobile close to any contactless terminal.

Don't forget that you need to activate the NFC feature on your smartphone to use this service.

Download the Openbank app and take us wherever you go

You can keep track of your expenses, sort your direct debits into categories, send and receive money instantly with Bizum, pay with your Openbank cards using our Mobile Payment service, trade on the stock exchange, check your investment portfolio, and a whole lot more.

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