The ideal solution for the unexpected

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Additional money to cover the unexpected.
No fees or charges

No fees or charges

No arrangement or application fees.
Pay only when you use it

Pay only when you use it

You only pay interest on the money you need and for the days you have used it.
Instant and paperless
Instant¹ and paperless
If your salary is paid in directly or you have savings, funds or investments at Openbank.
Instant money to cover the unexpected¹
You can apply for between €300 and €12,000 to be added to your account balance.
  • No arrangement or application fees.
  • Easy access to extra money. The amount approved will depend on your salary, savings and investments at Openbank.
Only pay for what you use
Didn't need it in the end? It won't cost you anything.Find out more
Easy and convenient
Manage your overdraft no matter where you are.Find out more

1 No contract will be signed. The line of credit is subject to analysis and approval by Openbank, provided that the following requirements are met.

You must be the holder of an Open Current Account or an Open Payroll Account and meet at least one of the following two requirements:
- Salary is paid directly into an Openbank account; and/or
- Have positions in deposits, funds or securities at Openbank.

2 The annual nominal interest rate (NIR) is 7.72% (8.00% APR). We will settle it in your current account each month at the same time as the monthly account settlement. For example, if you use €500 over 10 days to pay for your car insurance, when your account is settled, you will only pay €1.06 for the interests; therefore, the total amount of the loan would be €501.06.

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