Loans and credit, solutions to finance your needs

Loans and Credits

Funding solutions to suit your needs

Funding solutions to suit your needs

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To cover the unexpected and for whatever you need
Unexpected expenses, buying a car, furnishing your house, or whatever you want.

Personal Loan

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Borrow as much as you need and up to 5 years to pay it back.

From 6.95% NIR (7.18% APR(1))
Borrow from €300 to €24,000 for whatever you need
Repay over 12 months to 5 years
Arranged by our specialist team with no strings attached

Overdraft Protection

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The peace of mind of having money for the unexpected. And only pay if you use it.

Money available in your account when you need it
Current NIR is 7.72% (8.00% APR(2))   only on what you use
Instant if you have savings or your salary paid into Openbank
No costs or fees

Another way to finance

With your Openbank Visa Cards defer your purchases in just two clicks

Open Credit Card

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Buy now and decide when to pay

No fees
Flexible repayment options
Finance payments and purchases in 2 clicks over 2 to 36 months
Secure online and in-store purchases worldwide

Premium Card Pack (credit and debit)

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Card pack full of benefits

Free debit card withdrawals from Banco Santander ATMs in Spain
A limit of up to €12,000 and flexible repayment options
Greater insurance cover
More secure purchases

Diamond Card Pack (credit and debit)

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Two cards with exclusive benefits

Free debit card cash withdrawals from Banco Santander ATMs worldwide
Personal assistance: 24/7 concierge by Multiasistencia SAU
Greater insurance protection
Up to €60,000 limit and flexible repayment options