Personal Loan

Personal Loan

For whatever you need or want 

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A competitive interest rate

Annual nominal interest rate (NIR) from 6.95% and APR 7.18%(1)

From €300 to €24,000

Use the loan however you want and save on application and arrangement fees. Early repayment (full and/or partial) fees apply(2)

For up to 5 years

At your own pace, from 12 months to 5 years to pay it back.

Personalised service

One of our specialists will give you all the details with no strings attached.

The money you need and with up to 5 years to pay it back

  • Apply for between €300 and €24,000 for your studies, a car, holidays or anything you want.

  • Repay the loan over a flexible period of between 12 months and 5 years.(3)

A competitive interest rate

  • Interest rates from (7.18% APR(1)) to 14.25% (15.22% APR), depending on your circumstances.

  • You save on application and arrangement fees. Early repayment (full and/or partial)(1) fees apply. You will receive the full amount of the loan in your account.

Simple and convenient

  • With a personal advisor to explain all the details and process. No strings attached!


(1) Annual NIR of 6.95% (7.18% APR).  Representative example for your loan of €10,000 over 60 months with 60 monthly repayments of €197.78. No application fee. Total amount to pay (capital + interest) of €11,866.80. Total cost of loan (interests) €1,866.80. French Repayment System. The interest rate applied may vary up to 14.25% NIR (15.22% APR), depending on the approval of risk by Openbank. For your loan of €10,000 over 60 months, you must make 60 monthly repayments of €233.98 each. Total amount to pay (capital + interest) of €14,038.83. Total cost of loan (interests) €4,038.83. French Repayment System.

(2) Fee for full and/or partial prepayment: 0.50% (if there is less than one year left before the loan matures) or 1% (if there is more than one year) of the loan amount that is repaid early.

(3) Minimum repayment term is 12 months and maximum 5 years, provided that the sum of the holder's age and the term of the loan does not exceed 70 years.


Become a customer in just three steps, wherever you are


Fill out your details

To become a customer, we need to know a few things about you. Fill out the online form and choose your passcode. Have your DNI or NIE at hand.


Confirm your identity

With no need to go anywhere. By video call, providing your account number in another bank.


Sign electronically

We will send you an SMS text with a security code to access your contract so that you can sign it online.

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