Save the Children

What does it do?

  • It is an independent organisation that has been fighting for children's rights since 1919.
  • It helps people at risk of poverty and exclusion.
  • It aims to ensure that all children have a quality education and grow up in a safe, non-violent and non-exploitative environment.

What countries does it work in?

  • In Spain, it helps over 8,000 children by providing them with education, safe spaces for play and psychological care.
  • Globally, it works in more than 120 countries to help more than 55 million children through health and nutrition, education and child protection projects.
  • It goes to problematic regions where children are affected by war or natural disasters.

Other information of interest

  • It has been working in Spain for over 20 years.
  • Much of its efforts are focused on influencing decision-making to bring about change and improvement for all children.

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