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Fundación Theodora


What does it do?

  • The main objective of the foundation is to bring hope to hospitalised children.
  • It carries out games and play activities to ensure that children and teenagers who have to stay in hospital enjoy their stay as much as possible.
  • The foundation’s Giggle Doctors help the children to focus on the positive and remain hopeful, despite their condition.

What countries does it work in?

  • The Theodora Foundation was founded in Switzerland and works in 8 countries: Switzerland, Spain, England, Belarus, China, Italy, Turkey, and France.
  • It is present in 150 hospitals worldwide.
  • It arrived in Spain in 2000 and is present in 23 hospitals.

Other information of interest

  • Its Giggle Doctors are musicians, actors, magicians and storytellers who try to create a more humane stay in hospitals.
  • There are different types of show and visits, ranging from personalised or individualized visits, visits to accompany children through surgery, to help children with disabilities respond more readily to stimuli, etc.
  • The foundation is actually the world's largest organisation of hospital artists.

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