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Theodora Children's Charity



What does it do?

  • The charity primarily aims to bring joy to hospitalised children.
  • It offers fun activities to help hospitalised children and teens have as pleasant a stay as possible.
  • The foundation's Doctores Sonrisas [Smile Doctors] put smiles on the children's faces despite the situation they are going through.

Where does it work?

  • The Theodora Children's Charity was founded in Switzerland but works in 8 countries: Switzerland, Spain, the UK, Belorussia, China, Italy, Turkey and France.
  • It carries out activities in 150 hospitals around the world.
  • It launched in Spain in 2000 and works in 23 hospitals.

Other relevant information

  • Its Smile Doctors are musicians. actors, magicians and storytellers who try to create a more human hospital stay.
  • It offers various action programmes, whether personalised or individualised visits, surgical accompaniment programmes or activities to help disabled children respond more easily to stimuli.
  • The charity is the world's biggest hospital performer organisation.

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