World Vision

What does it do?

  • The organisation works to protect children in the event of natural disasters and emergencies in worn torn countries and regions with extremely high infant mortality rates.
  • It provides humanitarian aid, promotes justice and works with the most disadvantaged communities to fight poverty and bring about sustainable development.
  • Thanks to its work, every 60 seconds a family gets water, a hungry child is fed and a family receives the tools they need to fight poverty.

What countries does it work in?

  • World Vision is present in 100 countries, with more than 42,000 workers and 27,000 volunteers.
  • It has local staff members on the ground in thousands of communities around the world, which allows the organisation to get closer to the people it works with and understand their needs.
  • It works with displaced people and refugees in war torn countries or unstable contexts such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, South Sudan, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Syria.

Other information of interest

  • It is the largest NGO supplier of drinking water in developing countries: it provides drinking water to a new person every 10 seconds and reaches 3 new schools every day.
  • Over the past 5 years, the organisation has helped 89% of severely malnourished children to make a total recovery thanks to the treatment received.
  • Last year alone, it responded in 170 emergencies and helped close to 14 million people in 56 countries.

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