Send and receive money with Bizum

If you have your mobile,
you have money

Free money transfer and instantly - Bizum



Securely and instantly send and receive money with your mobile

  • Transfer money in less than 5 seconds from one bank account to another with Bizum, a payment system supported by most Spanish banks.
  • It's free. Sending money through Bizum costs nothing, you just need to choose the contact in your mobile who you want to send money to and send the amount you want, without having to know their bank account details.


Paying or asking for money is very easy

With your friends

Select the contact or enter the mobile number of your friend and specify the amount that you want to send or request.

For online purchases


For payment in shops


Download the Openbank App and sign up at Bizum

Active Bizum in the Openbank app and enjoy using this quick, secure and free service.

If you still don't have the Openbank app, download it.


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Become a customer in just three steps, wherever you are


Fill in your data

If you would like to become a customer, we need to know a few things about you. Fill in your data and choose your access code.


Confirm your identity

Without needing to go anywhere. By video call, providing your account number in another bank or with a messenger.


Sign electronically

We will send you a text message with a security code in order to access your contract  ; you can sign it online.