One app to manage it all

User-friendly, handy and secure


Got your mobile? Then you've got your wallet!

Got your mobile? Then you've got your wallet!
  • Pay with your mobile at all shops that accept contactless payment.
  • Send money instantly with Bizum.
  • Schedule and make domestic transfers, both standard and instant.

Your cards, under control!

Your cards, under control!
  • Apply for any of our cards at any time.
  • See all your card details, including PIN and CVV.
  • Finance your purchases and payments over €30 over 2 to 36 months with your credit cards.

An app that's truly useful

Take out new products in a matter of minutes
Financial Aggregator: all your accounts under one roof
Set up and cancel direct debits with a photo
Never miss a beat with our notifications

With security measures in tow

Card Control

Card Control

Turn your cards on and off temporarily and restrict their use by location and by transaction type.

Security customisation

Security customisation

Decide how you want to verify your transactions.

Device management

Device management

Manage when, and from what devices, you have logged in to Openbank

Pay with your mobile, no matter what the model

It doesn't stop there!

password manager

Password Manager

A safe-deposit box for your passwords

Keep your password and secret notes in a safe place that only you can access with a Master Key. You can store passwords, documents or any other important information. Plus, it's completely free!

Openbank Wealth

Digital investment for all

A comprehensive investment platform where you can invest in stocks, funds, ETFs, pension plans and warrants, or engage our robo-advisor automated investment service and let us manage your money for you.