Instant transfers

Your transfers, in a flash

Use our instant transfer service and send money to anywhere in Spain in 20 seconds. Your time is money!

Instant money

Send and receive transfers within Spain in real time from the Openbank website and app. Service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Up to €6,000 per transfer

Each transfer has a limit of €6,000. This service costs just €2 with your Open Payroll Account and €4 with your Open Current Account.

Ultimate security

Before the money is sent, we make sure that the payee account is valid under the supervision of Iberpay, the transaction exchange platform for banks in Spain.


Send money by Bizum using the Openbank app!

Send and receive money instantly with Bizum. Just enter the recipient's mobile number - there's no need for account numbers. Activate the service for free on the Openbank app.

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