The risk indicator corresponds to the Welcome Savings Account and the Open Young Savings Account.
This number is indicative of the product's risk, with 1/6 indicating the lowest risk and 6/6 the highest risk.
Member Bank of Spain's Deposit Guarantee Fund for Credit Institutions. For cash deposits, the maximum guaranteed amount is €100,000 per depositor in each credit institution.

Interest-bearing Accounts

Your savings grow from the first day and euro

Welcome Savings Account

Accounts for new customers with no fees or charges

Welcome Savings Account

For new customers only. Save at your own pace and without fees.

Financial returns from day one

Earn interest at 2.27% APR1 and 2.25% annual NIR for the first year on any balance up to €100,000.

No fees or charges

Open, maintain and close the account with no fees or charges.

Save at your own pace

Deposit as much as you want, when you want and for as long you want.

No fees

It's free to open, maintain and close your account.

Savings Accounts

Accounts for everyone with no fees or charges

Open Young Savings Account

It’s never too early to start saving

Savings that grow with them

Balance from €1 to €1,000,000 at 0.15% APR1 and annual NIR. Earn interest every month!

Saving at their pace

Deposit as much and as often as you want until they turn 18.

Full access to savings

Withdraw all or some of the money, and the interest earned, at any time.

No fees or charges

Open, maintain, close and send transfers with no charges or fees.
What are interest-bearing accounts?

Interest-bearing accounts are like piggy banks - you deposit the money you want to save. They offer you a return and/or other type of interest. The return on each savings account is indicated by the NIR (Nominal Interest Rate), which specifies the interest you will earn.

When can you access your money?

You can carry out a standard external transfer from your savings account at any time fee-free. You can also transfer between your accounts at Openbank.

1 For the Welcome Savings Account:

Interest for the first year. Monthly interest settlement.

Representative example of interest earned with a constant balance of €25,000 for the first 12 months at 2.27% APR and 2,25% annual NIR: gross annual interest of €562.50.

For the Open Young Savings Account:

Representative example with a constant balance of €6,000 held for the first year at 0.15 APR and 0.15% annual NIR: gross annual interest of €9.