Welcome Savings Account without fees

Welcome Savings Account

Get more for your savings!

Welcome Savings Account at 1.25% APR, 1.25% NIR, up to €100,000.

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Open your account

Financial returns from day one

Earn interest at 1,25% APRand annual NIR for the first 12 months. From the first euro up to €100,000.

Save at your own pace

Deposit the money you want, when you want and for as long you want.

Access your savings whenever you want

Withdraw what you need at any time.

No charges or fees

Open, maintain or close your savings account, with no charges or fees.

Earn interest on your savings from the first day and first euro

As a new customer, you're eligible to enjoy the following advantages:

  • The first 12 months: 1.25% APR1 and annual NIR).

  • From the second year, your Welcome Account becomes your Openbank Savings Account2 with the following advantages:

    • If you arrange a direct deposit for your salary or pension of at least €600/month, or set up direct debits for three monthly or bimonthly bills, you will earn interest at 0.20% APR2 and annual NIR.

    • If you don't meet the conditions, you will earn interest at 0.05% APR2 and annual NIR.

Receive the interest in your savings account each month free of charge.

An account that adjusts to your savings

  • From €1 and earn interest on up to €100,000.

  • Deposit the money you want, when you want and for as long you want.

  • You can withdraw all or some of your money and interest at any time.

No fees!

  • There are no fees to maintain or close your savings account.

  • No minimum-term commitment: you can withdraw all or some of your money, together with the interest earned, at any time with no fees.

  • By opening the Welcome Savings Account, you also get an Open Current Account and Open Debit Card. Two accounts and a card without fees3 that allow you to save and manage your money.

1 Interest for the first year. Monthly interest settlement.

Representative example of interest earned with a balance of €25,000 held for 12 months at 1.25% APR and annual NIR = gross annual interest of €312.50.

The risk indicator corresponds to all the accounts mentioned at the top of the page.