Open Young app

Their money, in their own hands


What is the Open Young app?

It’s an app designed for your children to manage their money using their first bank card, the Open Young Prepaid Card.

  • They can save and keep track of their expenses using their mobile, just the way they like it.
  • You will be in control of both the app and the Open Young Card.

How does it work?
  • As soon as the Open Young Prepaid Card is activated, your child can start using the app.
  • If your child is short of money, it's simple - they just ask you for a top-up. And you can approve or decline it from the Openbank app.
  • You can assign chores and pay rewards if they complete them. All this can be managed on the app.
Digital savings
  • Your child can see all their transactions at a glance. And you can also take a look from the Openbank app or on the website.
  • They can use the “Budgets” option to sort and plan their spending by categories and see where they spend the most.
  • They can also customise their user avatar with their favourite image and choose one of the 7 app designs.

With your control and our security


You decide when to top up the card and by how much1. Plus, you can also withdraw funds if needed.


A free SMS alert service notifies you every time the card is used to make a purchase or wiithdraw cash. You can activate this service by calling 91 177 33 10 or 900 22 32 42.


What about online shopping? You can change the settings to enable or disable online purchases.


If your child loses their Open Young Prepaid Card, you can block it or turn it off temporarily on the Openbank app.


And of course, they can also pay with their mobile

All they need to do is add their Open Young Prepaid Card to any of the available mobile payment platforms. Please note that this service is limited to children over the age of 14.

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1 The maximum card balance is €1,000.