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So your children can have fun managing their money


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So your children can have fun managing their money
What is Open App Young?

Open App Young

What is the Open Young App?

  • It’s an app designed for your children to manage their money through their first bank card, the Open Young Prepaid Card. Apply for it for free here.

  • They can use this App to save and manage their expenses using technology, the way they like it.

  • You will be in control of both the App and the Open Young Card, and every time it is used, you will receive a free SMS with information.

How the App Open Young works?

How does it work?

  • As soon as your child receives and activateshis/her Open Young Prepaid Card, you can start using it.

  • If your child is short of money, it's simple, he just asks you for a top-up.

  • You can top up your Open Young Card from your Openbank App. You decide whether you want to approve or reject his/her request.

  • You can use the Openbank App to assign chores to reward him/her, which he will receive and manage using the app.

click intuitive technology in the app Open Young

intuitive technology with a click Open App Young

Intuitive one-click technology

  • Your child can see all his/her transactions at a glance. And you can also do so from your Openbank App or from the web.

  • You can use the “Budgets” function to let your child plan  his/her expenses by category.

  • And you can create or customize your user avatar with your favourite image.

Peace of mind and security

Peace of mind and security

  • A free SMS alert service alerts you every time money is topped up or used in the card, when your child makes any purchase or cash withdrawal at ATMs.   To activate this SMS alert service, call 91 177 33 10.

  • We have included an E-commerce System so you can decide if your child can buy online or not. If you wish to activate this service, you can do so in your customer area or by accessing your Openbank app

  • If you lose your Open Young Prepaid Card, you can temporarily block or turn it off from the Openbank App.

Peace of mind and security
Your child can also pay with your mobile

Your child can also pay with their mobile phone

no matter his/her smartphone, your child can enter their Open Young Prepaid Card into all our available mobile payment platforms.

Want to learn more about the Open Young Prepaid Card?

Yes, the app works as a digital complement to the card  , so that you and your child can enjoy the Open Young experience together.

Sign up for the free Open Young Prepaid Card here and renew it annually for only €11,  less than €1 per month.


Select your child's Open Young Prepaid Card from your app and top it up it with as much as you want. Your child will be able to see how much you have paid into their Open Young App.

You can top up your Open Young Card as often as you like. The maximum card amount is €1,000.

As it is a Mastercard debit card, it can be used in shops, when shopping online and to withdraw money for free at all Banco Santander in Spain.

Remember, you can use your Openbank App to keep track of all transactions made.

You can do check it from your Openbank App and change it at any Banco Santander. Find your nearest ATM here .

Yes, because all Openbank cards can be used on all major mobile payment platforms: Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Of course, when paying with your Open Young Card your child can enjoy discounts on important brands. Consult all discounts here .