Open Young Prepaid Youth Card

Open Young Prepaid Card

Open Young Prepaid Youth Card

Designed for your children to learn to control their expenses

Apply for your card

Useful, didactic and the first year is free

Your child will feel independent and will have access to money in Spain and abroad. No issue or renewal fees.

You have control

You decide whether, by how much and when you want to top up the card.  You can also reduce the balance on it whenever you want. Besides, you can also control your children's spending from the app or the web.

Total peace of mind

You'll receive free SMS alerts on your mobile every time you top up or reduce the balance on the card, and every time your child buys or withdraws money for amounts over €20.

An app to control their card transactions

The Open Young App is designed so that your child can control card transactions, create budgets for their expenses, receive their pocket money or the chores you want to give them to reward them. You can manage the use of the card through the Openbank app or on the web.

Super convenient
prepaid card

  • Your children can buy in merchants and take out money for free in any ATM of Banco Santander and Popular.

  • They can use it in Spain or abroad (if they are studying abroad, for example).

  • And get Open Young Discounts  on great brands when paying with  their Open Young card.

  • To pay you just have to place it near the terminal because it has contactless technology.

  • It's free to sign-up and renew.

Secure and easy ​​​​​​​to monitor

  • You will always be up-to-date on your child's card balance and transactions, and you can top up or withdraw money through the website or using the Openbank app.

  • Every time you top up or reduce the balance on the card you’ll receive an SMS informing you. Besides, you can receive SMS alerts when your child buys or withdraws money for amounts over €20. To activate this service, call us on 91 177 33 10.

  • With the Secure E-Commerce system included, you decide if your child can buy online and what they can buy.  If you wish to activate this service, you can do so in your customer area or by accessing your Openbank app

  • You decide when you top up/reduce the balance on the card and set the top-up limit at up to €1,000.

  • If you feel it's necessary, you can ask us to block the card or change the passcode to the app.

  • Through the app, you can create chores for your child (like making the bed). If he/she does a good job with the chore, you can reward him/her by topping up the card.

New app for your kids to manage their money better

  • It is designed so that they can control their expenses by easily accessing their card balance and transactions.

  • Your child will be able to see what transactions he/she has made with the card by categories, such as ATMs, shops, restaurants, transport, etc. and compare them with other months.

  • They can create budgets, set goals, or set limits to learn how to save.

  • You can also create chores and if your child does a good job, he/she will receive the amount you have allocated.

  • And if your child needs money, it's easy, he/she just sends a message to ask you to top up the card.

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Do you want to learn more about the Open Young Prepaid Card?

The Open Young Prepaid Card is for children. Therefore, only you can apply for the card, being either a parent or a legal guardian.

Apply for it, send us a photocopy of your ID card and the Family Record Book, and in a few days you'll receive it at home.

In that case, the prepaid card will be automatically cancelled after 30 days.

Withdrawing cash is free-of-charge from more than de 7.500 Banco Santander ATMs or branches in Spain.

If your child withdraws money from other ATMs, we will debit the fee charged by the bank that owns the ATM from the card. This amount will appear on the ATM screen. Before taking out money, your child must decide if he or she agrees to pay the fee.

If he/she makes purchases in a currency other than euros, we will charge you a 3% of the purchase amount.

And if he/she withdraws money from other banks' ATMs (outside Spain and the EU) we will apply 4.50% on the amount he/she withdraws, with a minimum of €3.50.

In any establishment, shop or ATM and for online shopping.

All our bank cards are Secure Electronic Commerce (SEC). Every time your child buys something on the Internet, in a SEC establishment, you will get an SMS on your mobile with a security code. To activate this SMS alert service, call 91 177 33 10.

If you prefer to avoid buying over the Internet, you can block online purchases from the customer area of the website, in the cards section.

You can also register the card for free with our service of purchase confirmation. When your child buys anything with this card, you will instantly get an SMS on your mobile with the amount of the transaction. If you wish to activate this service, call us on 91 177 33 10.

The first thing you need to do is block the card by calling +34 91 362 62 00 or 900 200 128. You can also do this online, through the customer area, from the cards section.

And remember, if there has been a fraud with your card and there are charges you want to refuse because they are not your child's, you must send us the police report. At Openbank we will take care of any money debited after you report the theft to us. You, as the cardholder, will be responsible for any withdrawals made prior to your communication, up to a maximum of €150.

It is associated  with your child's card. It is very intuitive and easy to use. Your child can create his/her own budgets, control expenses and set goals, or set limits to learn how to save.  Of course, you can track the change in their expenses over time.

Your child can also request top-ups when he/she runs out of money, and you can accept or reject them. You can also create chores for your child, and if the child does a good job, he/she will receive the amount you have allocated.

Your child will be able to manage the money on his or her card, but you will be able to refuse any expenses that you do not approve of.  In short, your child will feel free to use your card, but you will be in control of his or her finances.

Exclusive discounts that your child can enjoy when he or she pays with his or her card at large chains such as Telepizza, VIPS, Cinemas Cinesa, Yelmo and Kinépolis, and many more. Discover all the brands with discounts.

We make it easy for you. Call us on +34 91 177 33 37 if you're not yet a customer. Our team of professionals will help you with everything you need.

app openyoung

Open Young App

For your children to learn how to manage their Open Young Card expenses.




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