Open Young Prepaid Card

They get bigger, and so do their savings.

Open Young
Useful, educational and free to take out
Your child will feel independent and will have access to money in Spain and abroad. No issue or renewal fees.
Their card, your control
Their card, your control
You decide when you want to top up the card and with how much. Plus, you can keep an eye the transactions carried out from the Openbank app or website.
Total peace of mind
Total peace of mind
Get free SMS alerts every time they make a purchase (over €20) or withdraw cash. Activate the service by calling 91 177 33 10 or 900 22 32 42.
A whole bank in their pocket
A whole bank in their pocket
The Open Young app is designed so that your child can manage card transactions, create budgets for their expenses, receive their pocket money or check the chores you assign them to get their reward. Plus, you can manage the use of the card through the Openbank app or on the website.
Their best buddy
A prepaid card for "their stuff".
  • No issue or renewal fees.
  • They can pay in shops and withdraw cash for free at any Banco Santander or Euro Automatic Cash ATMs in Spain.
  • They can use it in Spain or abroad (if they are on an exchange in another country, for example).
  • They can save on top brands with Open Discounts.
  • They can pay with a quick tap on the payment terminal using contactless technology.
With your control and our security
You can keep track of everything.Find out more
Their day-to-day finances, in their language.
With the Open Young app, your children can manage their spending with quick access to their balance and card transactions.Find out more
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Open Young app

Managing their Open Young Card expenses just got way easier.