Virtual Debit Card

Your free, zero-plastic and ready-to-use card that lives on your mobile.

Virtual Debit
Apply for or renew your card free of charge and start using it straightaway.
Your shopping buddy
Secure shopping
3D Secure Code System for online shopping and fee-free payment alerts by SMS and push notification.
Apply for your card, add it to your mobile or smartwatch and use it right away.
Always secure
Travel insurance
Includes insurance for travel and journeys on public transport.
Always by your side
Your reliable companion for your day-to-day.
  • Start using your card as soon as you apply for it - no need to wait.
  • Add the card to your mobile or smartwatch and take it everywhere with you.
  • Withdraw and deposit cash with your mobile and all the contactless Banco Santander ATMs in Spain.
  • Stay up to speed with payment confirmation alerts by SMS and app notifications.
Your day-to-day services, fee-free.Find out more
Bye-bye, plastic
A card that goes with you and your values.Find out more
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