Premium Card Pack (credit and debit)

Premium Card Pack (credit and debit)

Premium Card Pack (credit and debit)

A card pack full of advantages and benefits

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Free Banco Santander and Popular domestic ATMs

Withdraw cash with your Premium debit card with no fees at Banco Santander and Popular ATMs.

Up to €12,000 limit and financing at 12% APR and an annual NIR of 11,39%

The Visa Premium card gives your more credit and better loan facilities to make your payments flexible.

Better protection with insurance

It protects you against fraud, for assistance, travel and purchases, etc.

More secure purchases

For your on-line purchases and free text payment confirmation alerts.

Santander ATMs free and flexible payments

  • Withdraw cash with no fees at all Banco Santander and Popular ATMs in Spain, with your Premium debit card.

  • Limit of up to €12,000. On your Visa Premium so you have more credit to manage your expenses the way you want to.

  • Flexible payments, so you choose how to pay your expenses: Total payment with no fees or interest or deferred payment in fixed or variable monthly instalments or defer a purchase or payment in your account, between 2 and 36 months.

  • Excellent financing with NIR monthly 0.95%, annual 11,39%, 12,00% APR. One of the best interest rates on the market.
  • The issuance of the Premium pack is free for the main holder. Renew it for only €59 per year. The issuance and renewal of additional Premium Cards are free of charge.

Fast and Secure

  • Contactless Technology, hold your Premium cards close to the payment terminal and the payment will be performed more quickly and with the same security as always. And if the amount of the purchase is less than €20, you will not be asked to enter your PIN number.

  • Secure E-Commerce (SEC) to protect your Internet purchases. We send you an SMS message with a code to validate each online purchase that you make with your Premium cards.

  • SMS Alerts at no extra cost. Every time you make a purchase with your cards, you will receive a message on your mobile phone with the details of the transaction performed. Call and request this service, it's free. 

Multiple top level Insurance Policies

  • The insurance policies that come with the Premium cards are arranged with leading companies, such as Santander Seguros y Reaseguros, S.A., AIG and Legálitas against fraud, and for assistance and guarantees when travelling, hiring a car and in your purchases…

  • Travel assistance and guarantee insurance, with the guarantees of these insurance policies, including medical assistance, loss of luggage, repatriation, etc. What's more, if you pay for your tickets or car hire with your Premium cards, you will have accident insurance.

  • Protection and fraud insurance: Protected purchase, theft of cash withdrawn from an ATM, 12-month warranty extension of whatever you buy with them. We cover fraudulent charges on your Premium cards from the moment you notify us of this, without any type of excess.


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