This indicator corresponds to the Open Current Account and Open Payroll Account.
This number is indicative of the product's risk, with 1/6 indicating the lowest risk and 6/6 the highest.
Member Bank of Spain's Deposit Guarantee Fund for Credit institutions. For cash deposits, the maximum guaranteed amount is €100,000 per depositor in each credit institution.

Open Payroll Account

A fee-free1 account that never stops giving!
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Get 0.5% cashback on your bills

Electricity, gas, telephone, mobile phone and internet.
credit card

Free debit and credit cards2

No card issuance or renewal fees.

Fee-free transfers

Free transfers in euros within Spain and the EU.

Open Discounts

Get discounts on top brands4.
Draw for 3 cash payments of €1,000. Pay in your salary or pension to take part by 31/12/24. Conditions apply.

All you want from a bank, free of charge1

Get ready for all the fee-free stuff1:
  • Opening and closing your account.
  • Account maintenance and administration.
  • An Open Debit Card for the main holder.
  • An Open Credit Card2 when you pay in your salary3.
  • Standard transfers in euros within Spain and the EU.
  • Paying all your bills by direct debit.

Just what you need

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A world of benefits3

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What do you get with the Open Payroll Account?

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How can you arrange for your salary to be paid in directly? And your bills direct debited?

How can you open an Open Payroll Account?

What is Open Discounts?

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1 0% APR and annual NIR
Representative example of interest with a constant balance of €10,000 held for the first year at 0% NIR (0% APR): gross annual interest of €0.

2 0% APR and annual NIR. Representative example for €1,500 drawn and lump sum payment at the end of the month: 0% NIR; 0% APR; Total amount borrowed: €1,500. Total amount owed: €1,500. Total cost of credit: €0. Card issue fee: €0. The APR may vary depending on the repayment method selected: financed payment in fixed or variable instalments (revolving credit) or financed purchases for at least €30 over 1 to 36 months, as well as failing to meet conditions. For further Conditions on the rest of repayment methods, click the following link:

3 You can enjoy the benefits of the Payroll Account if: (i) you arrange for your salary, pension or unemployment benefit of at least €900 to be paid directly into your account; or (ii) you receive monthly transfers of at least €900 from any other bank.

4 Please note that in order to take advantage of certain discounts, you must pay with an Openbank card.