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Free Cinema Tickets with directly paid salari account

Enjoy 1 year of free cinema

Promotional code: NOMCINE

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About the promotion

Get 12 cinema tickets (2 tickets to be used every 2 months) valid for one year on having your salary or pension paid in directly.

Validity date of the promotion: from 01 February 2018 to 30 March 2018.

Deadline to register: 30 March 2018.

Deadline for having your salary or pension paid in directly: 30 April 2018.

Date the gift will be sent: one month after having your salary or pension paid in directly.

How can I take part in the promotion?

If you are a customer:

  1. Arrange to have your salary or pension paid directly into your Open Current Account. When you receive the first payment, this will automatically be converted into your Open Payroll Account.
  1. Click on “Join the promotion” and enter the promotional code NOMCINE before 30 March 2018.

If you aren't yet a customer:

  1. Become a customer here opening an Open Current Account. This promotion will automatically be selected in the registration process. If it isn't selected, enter the promotional code NOMCINE and complete the registration process before 30 March 2018.
  2. If you prefer, you can also register by calling us on 911 773 337 37.
  1. Arrange to have your salary or pension paid directly into your Open Current Account. When you receive the first payment, this will automatically be converted into your Open Payroll Account.

And you will start enjoying all the advantages of the Open Payroll Account

  • 1% cashback on your main bills paid by direct debit.
  • Deposit and withdraw money on debit with no fees from any Banco Santander ATM in Spain.
  • Your Open Credit Card free, with no issue or renewal fee.
  • You can receive your salary in advance thanks to the "Overdraft Protection" loan, subject to this being studied and granted by Openbank.
  • Obtain higher interest in your Openbank Savings Account from €1 up to €1,000,000:
    • 0.40 % APR (0.40 % annual NIR) if your salary or pension of at least € 600/month is directly deposited into your account, or you pay three bills by direct debit that need to be paid at least every two months.
    • 0.15 % APR (0.15 % annual NIR) if you do not meet these requirements.

Take into account that:

  • You must be the main holder of the Open Current Account and have your salary or pension paid in directly for the minimum amount of €1,000, or €600 if you are aged under 32.
  • Your salary or pension must be paid in directly for at least twelve months.
  • You will only receive one gift per customer and Open Payroll Account.
  • One month after having your salary or pension paid into Openbank directly, you will receive an email with 12 codes, valid for one year, that can be redeemed for 12 cinema tickets.
  • You can redeem a maximum of 2 cinema tickets every 2 months.

The gift selected is a capital yield, subject to a withholding or interim payment of 19%, which will be made by the Bank in accordance with applicable tax regulations. This withholding or payment on account will not be passed on to the customer. In the savings base for their personal income tax, the customer must declare the value of the reward received plus the payment on account or withholding not passed on.

Get 1% cashback on your bills

Electricity, gas, telephone, mobile phone and Internet.

Your debit and credit cards free of charge

When you issue or renew them.

Fee-free money transfers

No cost within Spain and the EU, in Euros.

Open Discounts

On petrol, restaurants, fashion, entertainment, hotels and more​​​​​​​

Everything you are looking for in a bank and no fees

  • Opening and closing your Payroll Account is free.

  • No maintenance.

  • The Open Debit Card is free for the main holder.

  • The Open Credit card is free when you arrange for your salary to be paid in directly.

  • Your transfers in Spain and internationally to the EU, in euros, are free.

  • Having all of your bills direct debited is free.

Just what you need

  • Your no-fee Open Payroll Account.

  • 4.500 Banco Santander ATMs that you can access at no charge.

  • 3.000 Banco Santander branches where you can make deposits or withdraw cash.

  • Upon request, we can send alerts to your mobile phone about transactions in your payroll account.

  • Our staff are available to offer you personalised service.

As well as all types of benefits

  • Receive 1% cashback on your electricity, gas, telephone, mobile phone and internet bills directly debited from your account when you have your salary, pension or unemployment benefits directly deposited or if you receive regular transfers of at least 900€ from any bank.

  • Access improved conditions for other Openbank products, such as the Openbank Savings Account.

  • Save with Open Discounts on great brands when you pay with your cards.​​​​​​​


Become a customer in just three steps, wherever you are


Complete the online form

To become a customer, we need to know a few things about you. Complete the online form and choose your access code.


Confirm your identity

Without having to go anywhere. By video call, providing your account number in another bank or with a messenger.


Sign electronically

We will send you an SMS text with a security code in order to access your contract so that you can sign it online.


Do you want to learn more about the Open Payroll Account?

  • You will receive 1% cashback on your main bills: electricity, gas, telephone, mobile phone and Internet.

  • You will get discounts on brands such as Galp, Iberia and Europecar with the OK Discounts Plan.

  • The option of receiving an advance on your salary with Openbank's Overdraft Protection.

  • You will earn a better interest rate in the Openbank Savings Account.

Having your salary, pension or unemployment benefits directly paid in for a minimum amount of  900€. You can also take advantage of the benefits of the Open Payroll Account when you receive regular transfers (from any bank) of at least 900€.

You can open it regardless. In order to benefit from all of the advantages you only have to make one monthly transfer of at least 900€.

  • Obtain or renew the Open Debit card for the main holder.

  • Obtain or renew the Open Credit Card for all holders.

  • Withdraw or deposit money and cheques in euros at any Banco Santander office or ATM in Spain.

  • Withdraw money from over 4.500 Banco Santander ATMs in Spain.

  • Make or receive transfers in euros within Spain and internationally the EU.

  • Have all of your bills directly debited.

It's very easy:

Salary: Fill out this application, sign it and give it to your company. You can also give them your Open Payroll Account Number.

Bills: Print and sign this authorisation and email it, together with a photocopy of your bills, to We will handle transferring your bills for free. Or, if you prefer, you can send your new account number to the businesses that bill you.

​​​​​​If you are not yet a customer:

  • Call us on 91 177 33 37

  • Visit us at our main office in Paseo de la Castellana, 134, Madrid.

Enjoy exclusive discounts when paying with your Openbank cards on great brands such as Galp, Telepizza, Iberia, Cortefiel, Women’secret, VIPS, Cines Cinesa, Yelmo y Kinépolis, Europcar, and many more. Discover all of our discounts here.

We make it extremely simple for you. Call us on 91 177 33 37 and our team of professionals will give you any assistance you require.

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